2018.02.16 Fri | BLOG

Language Exchange Meeting in SOCIAL !!

Well, We all want to improve our Japanese language abilities! right!

personally, I do want to be able to speak Japanese more fluently !

I am tired of my Japanese accent that sounds like a robot , do you feel that when you speak Japanese?    No?  worse?    I know :D!


Here at Social Hostel 365 we started Language Exchange Meetings !

Japanese people who want to speak English, and foreigners who want to speak Japanese! just like me and you! and maybe some of the people who are staying at the hostel join ! a chance to hear some strange stories from different far countries!


Wanna join ?

Very easy! Just show up ! more details about the meetings’ dates are in our Facebook page!

Only 500 yen is the entry fee, WITH ONE FREE DRINK !



and don’t forget to invite your friend to learn with you!


Welcome to the SOCIAL !