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Things you should know about Japan if this is your first time!

The most important thing is to not panic!
You are on a trip to Japan! Enjoy it!
But we want to tell you about a few things that you should know about Japan if it is your first time coming here!
If you take care of the things on our list, you will be fully equipped!
Well, to be honest, I’ve been surprised many, many times since I started living in Japan three years ago. And don’t think that I’m completely used to Japan yet! I still get surprised!
Japan is a very unique place, and it has many rules and manners that other countries don’t know about.
That’s why I decided to help you out! Shall we start ?!
1- If you stood in-front of a door wondering how to open it, remember this: TOUCH TO OPEN !
Doors in Japan open if you touch them! I have seen many people standing, just looking at doors in a romantic pose; like they’re thinking lovely view, but just it’s not right!
Touch this, and Say Open ‘Sesame!’
And remember, you don’t need to do anything to close it !
*Some people look like a performer doing **********
2- Take a look at the picture first! Because it’s not easy to explain this showing what I’m talking about first!
I’m sure you are thinking that “Okay, it’s a Washlet, so ?!”
Well, Washlets in Japan have this tap on the top so you can wash your hands after flushing. Water comes out from it only after you flush, and then this water will be used in the next flush!! (Japan never wastes a drop!)
3- The priority seats in transportation!
These are special seats for people who has special circumstances, such as pregnancy, aged people, etc.
These seat are literally everywhere, be sure to not set on them! If you do, don’t worry though!
But you’ll feel something is wrong!
5-Planinig to ride the subway in the morning ?
Be careful to not ride on one of these cars if you’re a guy.  These are for women and children only!
4- So you just got out of the train and are heading to the escalator. Are you in a hurry? Yes? No?
Your answer to this question decides which side of the escalator you will be standing!
If you are not in a hurry, please stand on the left side because the right side is for people who want to walk quickly!
(These sides change depending on the place, In Hokkaido it’s like this, In Osaka the opposite )
5-Well, honestly, it’s not everywhere but still!!
Got stuck in the elevator ? (Which is a probably something that won’t happen!)
But still…if you did, don’t worry! You have what you might need the most in such a case!
A toilet seat in the elevator
28407177_10155472477710885_1923545478_o (1)
6- Thinking about renting a car ?
Be careful of these signs!
Means Stop !
One last thing to add
Going to Hokkaido ??
One use pocket heater !
Open it, Shake it
And now you have a heater for your hands!
Other kinds can be sticky and you can put them on your clothes in the places where you feel cold the most!

Thanks for reading and we hope that this info helps you when you come to Japan!

Have a nice trip !!