In a Northern Japanese city, famous for tradition, culture, festivities and snow, we offer the warmest local welcome!

Social Hostel 365 is guesthouse accommodation located in the heart of Sapporo. We have uniquely designed, spacious, dormitory bedrooms, fresh and clean shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, and a social lounge, which hosts events and enables you to enjoy conversations with travellers from all over the world. We can accommodate you if you are a sole traveller, a group booking, or visiting Sapporo for work purposes. We are looking forward to seeing you!



Do you want to share your experiences with local people?

Social Hostel 365 uses our 'Traveller's Lounge' to connect visitors from oversees and other parts of Japan, with local people. We run events which enable skill and experience exchange to take place and create a fun and vibrant environment to stay in. Eating together, talking together and doing life together is all part of the experience of Social Hostel 365! When you decide on the dates of your stay, please share your hopes with us!

Address / telephone number
2nd Floor, 365 Building, 1019-16 Cho-me, Nishi 6, Minami 5, Susukino, Sapporo
Contact Number: 011-206-8569