1/365. It’s more than our name. It is our concept.

In everyday life, 365 days move too quickly.
But when we travel, it’s different.
Everyday is one of vivid colour. Everyday is important. Everyday is treasured.
The name of our guesthouse includes the number 365, because we want to remember that each and every single day for travellers is irreplaceable.
We are looking forward to meeting you on your journey!


Soichi Sasaki

Shunske Ohata

Social Hostel 365 is located in the centre of Susukino, Sapporo’s main nightlife district, and opened in December 2014. It was our dream to open a guesthouse that could bring travellers and local people together and provide a welcoming place for this diverse community to gather.
Our concept includes not just a guesthouse, but also a bar, social lounge and community space.
(Please see the ‘Lounge’ page for more information).