2018.02.16 Fri | BLOG

Language Exchange Meeting in SOCIAL !!

Well, We all want to improve our Japanese language abilities! right!

personally, I do want to be able to speak Japanese more fluently !

I am tired of my Japanese accent that sounds like a robot , do you feel that when you speak Japanese?    No?  worse?    I know :D!


Here at Social Hostel 365 we started Language Exchange Meetings !

Japanese people who want to speak English, and foreigners who want to speak Japanese! just like me and you! and maybe some of the people who are staying at the hostel join ! a chance to hear some strange stories from different far countries!


Wanna join ?

Very easy! Just show up ! more details about the meetings’ dates are in our Facebook page!

Only 500 yen is the entry fee, WITH ONE FREE DRINK !



and don’t forget to invite your friend to learn with you!


Welcome to the SOCIAL !



2018.02.15 Thu | 未分類

Why to choose us ?

Well, the reasons for that are infinite but let me tell you some of them!
We are located in the beautiful city of Sapporo in Hokkaido “The White Queen Island”
Social Hostel 365 offers a cozy hostel accommodation with a relaxed and modern atmosphere.
Just 8 minutes walking distance from Susukino Subway Station, Sapporo is the best starting-point for adventures around Hokkaido in summer and winter.
Our bar and restaurant at the first floor is a live feed from the fun land!
Every month we organize events all, night live music events, parties, language exchange meetings and food parties!
You are able to arrive and check in anytime between 3:00 -11:00 p.m.
The rooms are ready when you arrive, and if you come earlier than 3:00 p.m. you can leave your luggage and we will keep it for you!
To go back to what I started with! Why to choose Social Hostel 365
Our quality!
The best confirmation of the quality of our Hostel is the opinion of our beloved guests. We make sure to read the positive comments and reviews, and also make sure to read our guests suggestions on how to improve our services!
Reading such reviews from our guests is a proof that we are doing our job well.
The Fancy privates!
Well, you need to get rid of the image of a shabby, smelly dorm!
Check out our cozy, double bed sized privates!
You will feel that you are in a tree house!
Friendly and competent staff
We are a mixture of young Japanese and not Japanese people who gather every day to make a smile on our guests’ faces, we are open, and all of us know foreign languages and will always recommend you places to go for a good time.
one more ?
Find friends for life
During your stay at our hostel you will meet people who will be life-friends!
Make lifelong friends, share student travel tips & hook up with travel companions. Our hostel is always full of international travelers. And it’s a great place to meet interesting people. If you’re in the city for the weekend only, stay at our hostel and make yourself new friends!
And to know more about the last point, take a look at the next one!
The atmosphere here will make sure that you have an unforgettable experience
You’ll definitely meet a lot of travelers here with a relaxed and open minded, cozy common area on the second floor, and of course a bar would make it easy to get in touch with different people from around the world and also Japanese local people.
Solo traveler?  No worries! In our hostel you will meet a lot of solo travelers…and the chances are very high that you’ll find yourself talking about your plans for the next day with fellow travelers on the very first evening of your time in the hostel while enjoying drinking in our cozy lounge!
The world comes together
While drinking your coffee in the morning you’ll probably meet many people from all around the world, Spain, France, Canada, Korea, China and so much more. Time to use your Spanish or make some jokes in French!
You’ll meet a wide range of travelers: students, backpackers, tourists, business travelers, couples and sometimes even families!
So you could end up having a chat with a guy who tells you how he traveled through Africa with his truck back in the 80’s while you share your nightlife experiences from Madrid.
The last thing to mention is our hope that you come visit us ASAP and enjoy your time with us!


2018.01.03 Wed | 未分類

Happy New Year 2018 !

2018 is Here !



we would like to thank everyone who joined us at the party and for who didn’t, we wish you can join us next time!

It was a special party with the great guests, staff owners!

This is how we welcome the new year here at Social Hostel 365 !

with love and joy, laugh and hugs, respect and warmth !

here are some of the moments we had !


Soo-chan looking at the camera with a very cool look !!!


Our guests drinking together!



Some of us here at Social Hostel 365 joining you the happiness of 2018 !






The owners joining us the good laughter !


At the end, accept our wishes of a fruitful year filled with happiness and relaxation !



2017.12.19 Tue | 未分類

بالعربية Social Hostel 365 بيت الضيافة

ننتظر قدومكم لنستطيع  أن نقدم لكم تجربة فريدة من نوعها لبقائكم في مدينة سابورو الرائعة Social Hostel 365 نحن في 
في عام 2014، تم إنشاء بيت الضيافة هذا من قبل الشابان الطموحان أووجان وسووجان
نحن فخورون بأن نكون جزءا من رحلتكم إلى هوكايدو، ونحن نسعى باستمرار للحفاظ على الدفء التقليدي والضيافة التي نقدمها لكل ضيف يختار البقاء معنا
الأثاث الخشبي المصنوع يدويا، واللوحات الجدارية، ومطعم الطابق الأول، وغرفة المعيشة كلها تنتظر أن تتكرم بوجودكم
 تركيزنا على تقديم احتياجاتكم  كالاسترخاء في مكان نظيف وبأسعار معقولة في بيئة مضيافة مع الموظفين الودودين 
Susukino فضلا عن قربها من محطة
Odori وشارع وحديقة 
Sapporo  وغيرها من الكثير من المناطق السياحية الموجودة في
نحن بانتظاركم


2017.12.04 Mon | BLOG , GUESTHOUSE

3rd year anniversary

3rd year anniversary

December the 1st , is a magical day for Social Hostel 365
3 years have just passed!
For some people, 3 years is a very short period of time
But for Social Hostel 365, everyday counts!
For us, everyday is a chance to change your opinion about Guest houses!
We celebrate our guests everyday
We enjoy with them
Dance with them
And try our best to give them the best experience!

Next time, don`t forget to JOIN US!